A Brief Anatomy of Safety Footwear

Safety Boots are constructed using different materials to ensure various levels of protection. The primary components of safety boots are the ‘sole’ and the ‘upper’.
Depending on the level of protection or comfort required the following components are often utilized when manufacturing safety boots;

• protective toe-cap,
• mid-plate for anti-penetration,
• anti-static for static discharge,
• meta-guard to protect the upper portion of the foot,
• inner sole for comfort,
• inner lining for breathability and comfort.

The Sole can be manufactured from various materials such as PVC, PU, TPU, Rubber or Eva depending on the environment and the intention of the footwear. The material used to manufacture the sole can contribute to the slip, the heat, and the abrasion resistance of the sole. The sole will also often affect the comfort of the safety boot.

The Upper section of the safety boot is constructed from predominantly leather materials, but in more recent times safety boots are also manufactured using materials such as textiles and synthetics. The upper material utilized can, therefore, affect the longevity, breathability and the comfort of the safety boot.

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